Service innovation can be a messy process. Service Charger is a simple streamlined method to develop services. It’s a bundle of elastic design thinking canvases, that help you with any service development project.
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Canvas Guidebook

New Resources

Sometimes the most valuable things are just under our noses and can stay unnoticed. Thus, we should be looking at resourced from various angles: your people, data you can get, your ecosystem.

These are concrete exercises that are supposed to help you find the full potential of your surroundings. The aim is to discover and clarify new possibilities.


Not one service is born into a vacuum: it is surrounded by existing structures. These structures must be understood and utilized. Don’t see them as unwavering threats, but as opportunities.
Learn to navigate around and through them.

Customer Needs

Understanding customers and their needs should be an obvious priority; it’s the (only) key to success.

Service Core

The Service Core summarizes the nature of your service, as well as makes describing, understanding and pitching it easier.


Only an idea and some knowledge of your customer’s needs doesn’t form a complete service yet. You need to test it, find the right audience and set the right metrics to be followed.

Extra tools to spark your creativivity

Sometimes you feel stuck and coming up with ideas seems like the biggest obstacle ever. With these tools you can create loads of crazy, certainly creative ideas in a relaxed way. Just keep your minds open!

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